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Escape Artist is auto-biographical, a travel self-portrait that documents a form of escapism and yet it does so lightly without autobiographical heaviness.

Paola Anselmi, April 2015 – opening night speech, Escape Artist. Pablo Hughes, Heathcote Museum & Gallery, 18 April – 24 May 2015. Full Text

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Justaposition stands not only as an exhibition but also as a provocation of the art gallery- a visualisation of the contentions surrounding its ontological space – that playfully subverts ingrained expectations and conventions of the ‘sacred white cube’.

Justaposition Review – Sarah Ridhuan – Associate curator at The Berndt Museum – Full Text

In the art world, ism’s typically signify art movements or styles. Ism’s can be defined as distinctive doctrines, systems, or theories. For example Absurdism is the doctrine that we live in an irrational universe. It is an attitude strongly in favor of or against a given group.

ISMS Media Release, 2014 – Full Text