Pablo Hughes

Pablo Hughes strays from a traditional two-dimensional photographic approach and interweaves parallel narratives through other mediums to construct critical dialogues. The narrative themes of Hughes’ work draw inspiration from contemporary issues locally and globally, such as escape, change and transformation, all the while questioning socio-political systems and evolving realities. The notion of displacement, both physical and conceptual underpins his multidisciplinary enquiry. His subject matter represents that which is shunned, side stepped, discarded. His combination of mediums, image associations and image constructions add a layer of ambiguity and improbability. Reality can at times be stranger than fiction.


As an art installer, Hughes has begun to question and explore imperfections as well as new, unorthodox forms of display, outside the normalcy of traditionally clean, leveled and precise display protocols. His images of displaced subject matter are painterly, abstract, obscure and enigmatic. The juxtapositions highlight the forgotten and frayed edges of the action, creating a complex narrative from the apparent simplicity of the commonplace.


Each new display space encompasses a mix of singular and idiosyncratic contexts such as time, location, audience, physical form and function. Objects can change meaning depending on their displays, their positions and the relationship between each other and are often explicitly conceived as a site specific display.

DIS-2-Hidden-Corner..jpg DIS-3-Mixed-Combo-scaled.jpg DIS-4-Perplexed.jpg DIS-5-Reflexive-scaled.jpg DIS-6-The-Fugitive-scaled.jpg DIS-7-Witches-Hats.jpg DIS-8-Panel-Eater.jpg DIS-9-Fired-scaled.jpg DIS-10-Spanish-Shoes.jpg